Feb 24, 2023

Diamond Information

Austin's Best Source for Diamonds

Diamonds Above Fine Jewelers specializes in a few things, but our biggest focus lies in beautiful diamonds and gemstones at the best prices. We have one of the best selections of beautiful diamonds in Austin, Texas and around the country. No matter the diamond, from a tenth of a carat diamond, to a 10 carat diamond, we have the stone for you at a price that can't be beat. We utilize an international network of diamond cutters and wholesalers to ensure we have diamonds in the perfect size, shape, color and clarity for you, no matter what the stone is for. We have diamonds for every occasion, from a simple diamond pendant for an anniversary gift, to a flawless stone for an engagement ring. We even have natural fancy colored diamonds! No matter the diamond, we can get you the exact stone that you desire. Visit us today to learn why Diamonds Above has the best reputation in Austin and why our Diamonds are a cut ABOVE the rest, but our prices aren't.

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Austin, Texas

One of the first steps in the engagement ring selection process is picking the perfect engagement ring setting. We have a vast selection of engagement rings available in our Austin jewelry store and a sample of our selection in our online shop for you to view. You can view our online engagement ring selection or learn more about the engagement ring design and selection process on our engagement ring buyers guide and information page. If you don't see something that is perfect for you in our online jewelry store we encourage you to come in to our Austin location. When you visit our jewelry store in person, we can help you find the exact gemstone or diamond engagement ring you are looking for because our extensive knowledge of our designer ring lines and years of experience.

If you still can't find the perfect engagement ring that fits her style, we are still the perfect jewelry store for you! We are here to provide superbly priced engagement rings that are a perfect fit for you, so we will even create a create a completely custom ring from scratch. Because this ring would be one-of-a-kind, we know it will fit your exact wants, needs, and budget. We use computer aided design techniques to produce 3D drawings of your custom diamond engagement ring and can even use 3D printers or wax castings to allow you to look at, feel, and imagine your ring with your GIA citified diamond set into it. This type of service is un-paralled and can't be found at other jewelry stores in Austin. Diamonds Above is here to make the special gift you give to represent your love a truly unique and beautiful wearable work of art that can be cherished for your entire lives, and we won't stop until you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your beautiful engagement ring.

Countless Diamond Choices

Once you have a setting in mind, the next most important step in the process is to pick out a diamond or gemstone to be featured as the focal point and center stone for your truly perfect diamond engagement ring. We are a member of the worlds largest diamond trading network, have many international connections to diamond cutters, diamond brokers and dealers, diamond graders, and many other members of the diamond industry. Therefor, we are able to get you the best prices on diamonds of any size, cut grade, color or clarity with GIA certification and a conflict free diamond guarantee!

There are many different qualities that make a diamond more rare and therefor more valuable, and we strive to educate our customers about the four C's of diamonds so that they can make the best choice for their budget, and preferences. Every client's desires are different, so providing them accurate information and ample choices when it comes to picking the diamond for their engagement ring allows us to meet our clients exact specifications without pushing them over their budget. We believe that this transparency, wide variety of choice, and customer service separates us from any of our competitors, and truly gives us an advantage. Diamonds Above Fine Jewelers truly is your very own personal jeweler, and as locally owned and operated small family business you know your money stays local, supports Austin and your business will be truly valued.

Learn More About Diamonds

The four C's of diamonds are incredibly important to understand when picking out a diamond for your engagement ring, so we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you pick the perfect diamond for your wedding or engagement ring when visiting us at our Austin jewelry store. This guide will help you maximize the value of the diamond that your budget allows, and unlike the competitors, who are simply out to get you to spend the most money you can, we want you to make the decision that fits you best. Whether you want to sacrifice some of the size of your diamond for an increase in the clarity, or sacrifice color for clarity, the choice is completely yours and yours alone. We will show you all the options side by side and guide you through the process with education and advice if desired so that you will know exactly what your diamond is, how it looks, and the stone's true value. We care about our customers and want them to be satisfied to the fullest, become lifetime customers who refer their friends and family.

Therefor we strive to get you the best price, value, and service when it comes to loose diamonds available in Austin. Unlike other jewelry stores in Austin, we don't even require that you purchase an engagement ring setting from us as long as you find the diamond that fits you perfectly! We often beat our competitors and big box jewelry store by thousands of dollars in addition to offering better quality diamonds and gemstones. Our clients are shocked at the savings that we provide them and wonder how we are able to beat our competitors by so much. The advantage of a personal jeweler is undeniable, and we encourage our clients to check out why we're the premiere private jeweler in Austin, Texas and learn all the benefits that we can offer you!

Visit Our Diamond Jewelry Store in Austin, Texas

While we want to educate our customers about the many choices they have when purchasing a diamond online, the best way to decide which diamond is perfect for your engagement or wedding ring is to have us guide you through the process at our Austin office in a one-on-one environment. Call us with any questions about our loose diamonds and diamonds for your engagement ring setting, we are happy to help with all of your engagement ring needs!

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