Jan 20, 2023

Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is a gem that can range from blue to purple as well as deep tones of blue and violet. It comes from the mineral zoisite, which is only produced in an area of Tanzania, reflecting the limited geographic location.

While zoisite occurs in various colors such as yellow, grey, brown, green, blue, pink, green and violet, tanzanite has a blue tint caused by vanadium within the zoisite structure. It can occur in various tones and saturation, but the most valuable are vivid blue, purplish and violetish blue. The stones often have a low to medium saturation and light to medium tone.

Pastel tanzanite is more common than darker colored gems, which are more common in larger stones. The darker the stone with richer colors of blue, the rarer and more expensive it is. Some tanzanite stones go through a heating process to enhance the blue color, but it depletes the value.

The size of tanzanite is usually fewer than five carats in weight. Those that are more than 50 carats are rare. The stone is hard enough for jewelry and best used for earrings, pendants and other forms — which is perfect for when you are searching for tanzanite jewelry in Austin, TX.

Tanzanite Grading

Unlike diamonds, tanzanite and other colored gems don’t have a universal grading system. However, the famous four Cs help professionals determine the value of a stone. Color, clarity, cut and carat weight all play a role in figuring out the value of tanzanite.


If you are searching for tanzanite engagement rings in Austin, Diamonds Above is your superior option for high-quality gems. Color is the most vital aspect when determining the value of tanzanite, as we consider the hue, tone and saturation. Hue is the actual color your eye perceives. The two shades of tanzanite stones are blue and violet.

The tone of a gem refers to its darkness to lightness, which can range from very light to very dark. Saturation of tanzanite is the most significant component in color, as it’s the depth of color. The strength of the hue has the highest level of six, but this is rare.

The unique characteristic of tanzanite is that it can show two colors at once. It’s a pleochroism gem, which means it appears different in color depending on the angle of light. The stone can also never be pure blue or violet. It can be violetish-blue where the dominant color is blue and secondary is violet, or bluish violet, where the dominant color is violet and secondary is blue.


The standard for buying tanzanite is eye-clean, which means no inclusions are visible to the naked eye. Inclusions can form because of other minerals, gases and liquid, which can decrease brightness and transparency.


Cut refers to the shape of a tanzanite stone. Although it has no standard cuts like diamonds, tanzanite is cut to maximize shine. If it’s cut too shallow or deep, it can impact the gem’s glow. When searching for tanzanite earrings in Austin, TX, look for symmetry.

Carat Weight

The final C stands for carat weight. The face-up measurement is the best way to judge a colored stone’s size, because they all look the same until you view it from a side angle. Again, the larger the carat and the deeper hue of blue, the higher the value of tanzanite.

Best Tanzanite Jewelry in Austin

High-quality tanzanite necklaces in Austin, Texas are available at Diamonds Above. We have premium tanzanite jewelry pieces for any occasion. Call (512) 206-4156 to speak with a representative or contact us online.

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