Jan 23, 2023

How to get GIA Certified Diamonds

When shopping for diamonds, the process can be overwhelming. Not only do buyers have to consider the various sizes and cuts available, but they also have to take into account the impact of lab-grown diamonds. One additional factor to consider when buying lab-grown diamonds is GIA certification.

The GIA, or Gemological Institute of America, is the global authority on diamonds and gemstones and sets the standards for determining diamond quality and value. Having a GIA certified diamond is a must-have for anyone looking for a high-quality, authentic diamond.

What is GIA Certification?

The GIA certification process is rigorous, including grading based on carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, cut grade, fluorescence, and symmetry. This ensures that customers receive an impartial evaluation without bias towards any particular brand or dealer. A GIA certified diamond is guaranteed to meet international standards for quality and authenticity. Furthermore, having a GIA certified stone can increase its value since it demonstrates that your diamond is genuine and not a synthetic or simulated imitation.

The Benefits of GIA Certification

When shopping for lab-grown diamonds, buyers should look for those bearing the GIA certificate.  Not only does it provide peace of mind regarding authenticity, but it also helps protect your investment. Many jewelers won’t buy back uncertified stones due to lack of proof regarding their origin or quality.

Additionally, having a GIA certified stone can make it easier to obtain an insurance policy on your purchase since most policies require a certificate before they will issue coverage. Having your diamond appraised by a qualified gemologist may be necessary in order to determine its exact market value in the event you need cash down the road.

Some Benefits are:

  • Provides a guarantee of diamond quality and authenticity.
  • Higher resale value.
  • Protection against fraud.
  • Ensures that diamonds are ethically sourced.
  • Recognized and respected by jewelers and consumers worldwide.
  • Come with a detailed grading report that includes a map of the diamond's inclusions.
  • Provides peace of mind for consumers.
  • GIA certified diamonds are considered to be a sound investment.
  • Ensures that diamonds are graded according to a consistent and standardized set of criteria.
  • Help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions.

GIA Certified

Steps to getting your diamond GIA certified

The first step in getting your diamond GIA certified is to find a reputable and accredited GIA laboratory like Diamonds Above. This can typically be done by searching online or asking for recommendations from a jewelry professional. Once you have found a suitable lab, you will need to prepare your diamond for submission by cleaning it and ensuring that it is securely packaged.

Next, you will need to complete a submission form and submit it along with your diamond to the lab. The form will typically require information such as the diamond's carat weight, dimensions, and any other relevant details. It is important to be as accurate and honest as possible when filling out the form, as this will ensure that the certification process is as accurate as possible.

Once your diamond has been received by the lab, it will undergo a thorough examination and analysis. This process may take several weeks, during which time the diamond will be evaluated for its carat weight, color, clarity, cut, and symmetry. The lab will also examine the diamond for any inclusions, or internal imperfections, and will take detailed measurements to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality.

Once the examination and analysis are complete, the lab will issue a GIA certificate, which will include all of the important details about your diamond, such as its carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. The certificate will also include a unique identification number, which can be used to verify the authenticity of the diamond.

Finally, you will need to pay the fee for the GIA certification. The fee is based on the carat weight of your diamond, and it is important to budget accordingly. Once the fee is paid, you will receive your GIA certificate and can rest assured that your diamond has been certified to the highest standards of quality.

It is important to note that GIA certification is not a guarantee of value or quality, but it does provide a level of assurance that your diamond meets a certain standard and it can also be useful when selling or appraising the diamond.  Keep in mind that GIA certification is not permanent and it's a good idea to recertify your diamond every few years to ensure that the information on the certificate is up-to-date.

In conclusion, GIA certification is crucial when buying lab-grown diamonds. It guarantees quality assurance for buyers and provides peace of mind regarding authenticity. It also helps protect your investment and can increase the value of your diamond. Investing in a GIA-certified diamond is more than just buying jewelry, it's securing yourself an asset of lasting value and quality. Contact our Austin store today to find out more.

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