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Design Your Own Unique Jewelry in Four Simple Steps

At Diamonds Above, we value the importance of a custom ring consultation, as it allows us to help you craft an engagement ring that is representative and meaningful. Our team of expert designers will guide you through every stage with personalized attention, so your perfect piece can be created.

Jewelry consultation

1. Consultation

Discuss your desired center stone shape: We will talk with you about the shape of the center stone you are interested in for your custom engagement ring.

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2. Design & Price

We will discuss any ideas you have for how you would like the ring around the center stone to look, making it a priority to work within your budget. We will also help you make decisions about the color and clarity of the center stone.

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3. Prototype

A 3D CAD drawing of the ring will be created.  We will invite you back to look at and approve the design. Upon approval, we will start designing the final piece, which is typically ready within two to three weeks.

Jewelry Delivery

4. Delivery

Throughout the process, we will provide one-on-one attention and work with you to ensure that you love the result of your custom design.

Our Custom Diamond Jewelry

Our artisans have crafted a stunning selection of custom rings - perfect for any occasion! If you are looking for "custom jewelers near me". Look no further than Diamonds Above, browse our custom designs and let us help you craft a piece to show your unique style.

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The Custom Engagement Ring Process

Learning how to get a custom engagement ring is simple with Diamonds Above. That's because our ring design process involves one-on-one attention. We truly care about the relationship we build with you throughout this journey, and we want you to love the result of your custom design. The full custom engagement ring process takes three to four weeks and involves these steps:

  • We will discuss the shape of the center stone you are looking for. We will explore any ideas you have for how you would like the ring around the center stone to look.
  • We will discuss your desired stone size and price range, making it a priority to work within that price range. Based on the desired size or price range, we then guide your decisions for the color and clarity of the center stone.
  • Once the CAD drawing is complete, we invite you back to look at and approve the design. We will iron out the details together, and we create a 3D CAD drawing of the ring, which takes about a week.
  • Once you approve the design, we start designing the final piece. The finished product is typically ready within two to three weeks of your approval.

Custom Jewelry FAQ

Designing your very own jewelry is an exciting endeavor! Here are some frequently asked questions to help you get started on creating gorgeous, unique pieces that will last a lifetime.

How long does it take to create a custom engagement ring?

The time it takes to create a custom engagement ring will depend on the complexity of the design and the availability of the materials. On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to design a custom engagement ring. Production of the final design can take up to 3 weeks. Shipping can take anywhere from 3-7 days.

How do I ensure that the ring will fit properly?

To ensure that the ring fits properly, you can either measure your finger using a ring sizer or have your finger professionally measured at a jewelry store. It is also important to consider the width and style of the ring when determining the size.

Can I customize the design of the ring?

Yes, you can customize the design of a custom ring to make it unique and personal. This may include choosing a specific metal, gemstone, or setting, or adding personal touches such as engravings or special details.

How much does a custom ring typically cost?

The cost of a custom engagement ring will vary depending on the type of metal, diamonds, and design you choose. On average, a custom engagement ring can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

How do I choose the right metal for the ring?

When choosing the metal for a custom ring, consider your personal preference and budget, as well as the durability and color of the metal. Some popular options include gold (yellow, white, or rose), platinum, and sterling silver.

Can I make changes to the design after the ring is completed?

It may be possible to make changes to the design of a custom ring after it is completed, but this will depend on the specific circumstances and the stage of the fabrication process. It is best to discuss any potential changes with your jeweler before the ring is completed.

Choosing a Center Stone Shape

The first step of the custom engagement ring design process is selecting a center stone shape. The center stone contributes the most to the overall design, so give it careful thought. What you select will vary with your partner's tastes and your budget. You may already have an idea in mind or need inspiration. Either way, we'll help you select from diamond shapes like:

  • Round: This shape is classic with beautiful symmetry, but it's more expensive than other shapes.
  • Oval: This is a simple yet stunning shape that can appear larger than a round diamond of the same weight.
  • Emerald: This cut is a type of rectangular shape with sophisticated lines.
  • Cushion cut: This shape has been a classic for centuries and offers curved sides and an antique feel.
  • Radiant: This is another rectangular shape that's newer and provides impressive fire, or colorful sparkle.
  • Princess cut: This provides an elegant square shape with pointed corners.
  • Asscher cut: This offers a square shape with cropped corners for a softer style.
  • Marquise: This is an elongated cut with pointed ends that has the appearance of a larger stone.
  • Pear: This is also called a teardrop shape, and blends round and marquise cuts into one for a graceful feel.

We always recommend getting a stone that the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certifies. In fact, we only sell GIA-certified diamonds at Diamonds Above. When you shop with us for an engagement ring in Austin, you know you're getting a quality stone.

Choosing a Center Stone Shape

Establishing the Setting Look and Style

You may already have an idea of how you'd like the setting and band to look in your custom engagement ring. If you don't, we'll gladly help you decide based on your budget and your partner's tastes. Come prepared with ideas for the custom engagement ring setting for your significant other. We'll assist you in deciding:

  • The band color:Select from yellow gold, white gold or rose gold for a romantic band. We can also discuss silver, platinum, palladium and stainless steel for modern designs. You may even consider recycled materials for a unique ring that meets you and your partner's eco-conscious tastes.
  • The center stone setting:Different settings suit different diamond shapes, so this selection will vary. Popular styles include prong, bezel, bar, cathedral, tension and halo. Prong, cathedral and halo settings are classic and romantic, but we can discuss all your options during your visit.
  • Accent stones:Whether you want one stone or multiple in your design will vary with your budget and your significant other's preferences. A solitaire setting that features one diamond is a gorgeous, timeless design. Alternatively, you may want to select a triple stone setting with smaller, symmetrical stones on either side of the center diamond. Select a pave with small diamond accents embedded along the band for plenty of sparkle.

Determining Price Range, Size, Color and Clarity

Because we prioritize staying within your comfortable price range, determining the right diamond size, color and clarity for you is essential. The size, color and clarity all play into a stone's value. We'll guide your decision, advising you which selections will suit your budget. Here's how each quality influences the value of the diamond in your custom ring:

  • Size: Also described as carat weight, the size of a stone typically increases its value. Simply put, the larger the diamond, the greater the cost. We'll work within your price range to get the result you and your partner have been dreaming of.
  • Color: The color of a diamond is among its more visible qualities. A white, or colorless, diamond will have a greater value than a light yellow diamond. A near-colorless or faint yellow diamond may have subtle differences from a colorless stone to the untrained eye. That makes them a potential option for a better value in your custom engagement ring.
  • Clarity: As diamonds form, they develop internal and external characteristics. Inclusions inside the diamond and blemishes on the exterior impact a diamond's appearance and its value. If a stone receives an Included or I1 grade, its inclusions or blemishes are visible to the naked eye. Other grades have flaws that are often invisible to the naked eye, making them a beautiful choice.

3D Modeling and Custom Design

We use CAD, or computer-aided design, to render the details we discuss for your custom ring. After about a week to create the 3D design, you'll be able to see every detail you want in your engagement ring. It may be difficult for some to visualize the final ring based on our conversation alone. That makes the 3D image a valuable tool to help your decision.

Once we complete your custom design, we'll invite you back to take a look at the rendering. This consultation lets you make any adjustments or approve the design for creation. If you have any adjustments, we can typically complete those within a couple of days. You'll then get the chance to approve the design before we bring it to life.

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