Feb 24, 2023

Sapphire & Ruby Jewelry

Sapphire and Ruby Jewelry

Sapphire and ruby gems uphold the same properties aside from color, as they are two different varieties of corundum. Here’s what you need to know about the two stones to give you a better idea of what Diamonds Above provides.


Sapphire jewelry in Austin, TX has identical properties to rubies except for color. As a variety of corundum, sapphire comes in a variety of colors such as yellow, green and purple. Blue is its most classic and valuable form, with the most desirable shade being cornflower. While you can find sapphire in red hues, it also has a specific category of ruby.

Sapphire is also the second hardest substance on earth after diamonds. Iron and titanium create sapphire colors in the gem, making it not too rare and of exceptional quality. Because it’s uncommon to find vivid and intense colors of sapphire, most professionals heat-treat the stones. Like rubies, sapphire gems go through the same grading system.

The stone’s blue color is the best known and most valuable, with the intensity of its hue being the most important. Clarity and luster indicating transparent colors are more valuable, too. The cut and shape can include variations such as ovals, hearts, pearls or emerald cuts, which are perfect if you want sapphire earrings from Austin, Texas.

Keep reading to understand a more detailed version of how we grade colored gems.


Although rubies uphold the same properties as sapphire, the difference lies in color. It is a variety of the mineral corundum, and its color comes from the element chromium. Rubies have a pinkish to blood-red color, often referred to as pigeon’s blood.

Its unique hardness makes ruby resistant to scratching, and it is one of the traditional cardinal gems known for its bright and valuable blood-red color. While some people confuse ruby with pink sapphire, there is a distinction between the colors.

The quality of the gemstone can be determined by color, cut, clarity and carat weight. You can find the best ruby jewelry in Austin at Diamonds Above, as we consider the entire grading process.


Color is by far the most vital factor including hue, saturation and tone. The hue of a ruby refers to the actual color of the gem. In general, transparent stones have pure spectral hues of red, yellow, orange, green, violet and blue. A ruby has red hues, although they are rarely pure. When it has more purple and orange colors, the value decreases, but if it also has too dark of a red, it can cause adverse effects on the gem’s brightness.

The finest ruby has a medium-dark, pure and vibrant red tone. Tone describes color lightness, but too light of a tone can make it pink sapphire. Saturation describes the color intensity of a ruby. If you need the perfect ruby engagement ring found in Austin, visit us at Diamonds Above.


Clarity refers to a ruby’s transparency, which almost always includes inclusions such as gasses, liquids and crystals. The value depends on how visible the inclusions are, because inclusions that reduce transparency and brightness can lower the value and deplete a ruby’s durability.

Cut, Size and Weight

The shape of a ruby can dictate how suitable it is for specific cuts. Depending on cuts, a professional can create different effects, so if you are looking for ruby earrings in Austin, TX, Diamonds Above will have what you want.

Like most forms of ruby jewelry in Austin, TX, an increase in size means an increase in price per carat. The finest quality is often more than one carat, which is rare.

Diamonds Above

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