Feb 24, 2023

Diamond Upgrade Program

How the Diamond Upgrade Program Works

When you bring in your natural diamond rings or jewelry, we will upgrade the diamonds to a larger carat, lab-grown diamond. Our program can help you achieve the carat size you want while saving you money. Here's how our upgrade program works.

If you bring in a 1 carat or higher natural diamond, we can give you a 50% higher carat lab-grown diamond at no cost. The lab-grown diamond will offer the same quality, cut and clarity as your natural diamond. At Diamonds Above, we request a minimum color and clarity for all diamonds you want to upgrade. We accept all natural diamonds with a minimum H color and SI1 clarity.

You can also trade your natural diamond to get a larger carat lab-grown diamond. For trade-ins, you would pay the difference between the cost of the diamond and the trade-in. Trading your natural diamond helps you get a significant upgrade for a fraction of the price of upgrading to another natural diamond ring.

All of our lab-grown diamonds are IGI certified so you can be confident the diamond you receive is of the highest standards. Our diamond upgrade program is an ideal option, whether you desire an engagement ring upgrade or other diamond jewelry upgrade.

Why Trade for Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are a sustainable and cost-effective way to enjoy beautiful diamond jewelry. When you upgrade your natural diamond pieces to lab-grown diamonds, you can often get higher carats and comparable quality for a more affordable price.

Lab-grown diamonds are:

  • Sustainably made: Growing diamonds in a lab is more sustainable than mining them. The lab process produces a smaller carbon footprint than mining because of its minimal water, energy and equipment use requirements.
  • Affordable: Lab-grown diamonds offer unmatched economical prices for the same beautiful quality as natural diamonds.
  • Indistinguishable from natural diamonds: Both natural and lab-grown diamonds use the same geological processes for growth, with the latter taking less time to make. Aside from minuscule differences, you can't differentiate between a lab-grown and a natural diamond.

Upgrade Your Diamond at Diamonds Above Today

Come to Diamonds Above whenever you want a diamond ring upgrade. We are a local, family-operated jewelry store in Austin, Texas, with the goal of helping clients receive the most beautiful gemstone jewelry. Whether you visit our store during a walk-in or private appointment, you'll receive one-on-one care.

We carry a comprehensive selection of designer jewelry, engagement rings and pre-owned Rolex watches to help you find the perfect pieces for your partner, family and friends. You can also come to us to create custom jewelry pieces. Diamonds Above ensures you can find the best diamond engagement rings, jewelry and more.

Visit us for your diamond upgrades today. Contact us for more information about our upgrade program or jewelry.

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