Feb 24, 2023

Fake vs Real Diamonds: 6 Things to Look For

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Nothing is more timeless than a diamond. For centuries, the demand for diamonds has remained constant because the treasured little jewel retained its value from generation-to-generation. Because diamonds have lined the fingers of women indefinitely, it’s no wonder they’re in such high demand.

Unfortunately, such a highly demanded product is likely to inspire a few impersonators along the way. When you purchase a diamond, you anticipate — and pay for — the real deal, not a less flattering or lowered quality mimicry.

Whether you’re shopping on the market for a new jewel or have prior suspicions about the authenticity of your own pieces of jewelry, here’s a list of six key factors and tests help you learn how to tell if a diamond is fake or real.

  1. Sparkling Quality

A diamond should sparkle — but not too much. A diamond that sparkles enough to emit a wonderful array of colors should indicate higher quality, right? Well, not exactly — certain replicas have simulants that produce excessive oomph. When you hold your diamond up to the light, you shouldn’t anticipate a shiny display of every color in the rainbow. In fact, this is a telltale sign of a cubic zirconium piece. An authentic diamond will excellently reflect white light, producing a nice clear sparkle. Your diamond should sparkle, but not draw in other colors besides white in the process.

  1. Clarity

A blurred stone is an indication you might have a white sapphire instead. A diamond should sparkle and provide contrast in light and dark areas, not provide a fuzzy or dull-looking hue.

  1. Fog Resistance

Whenever your glasses are dirty, you might breathe onto the lens to fog them up before wiping them down. Do the same with your diamond, but hope for the opposite results. A true diamond shouldn’t fog up when you breath on it because an authentic diamond’s powerful heat conductibility would dispel condensation immediately.

  1. Scratching

They say diamonds are forever for a reason. Diamonds are strong and provide high levels of endurance, which is how they flawlessly withstand constant wear over time while still emitting the same glistening shine centuries later. Because diamonds are so hard, they shouldn’t be easily scratched or chipped with human intervention. If you can alter your diamond by merely scratching it, you may, unfortunately, have an impersonator instead.

  1. Weight

One of the simplest ways to tell if a diamond is real or fake is to place it on a scale. Cubic zirconia, the diamond’s biggest impersonator, weighs more than its authentic counterpart. When placed on a scale alongside an identical piece of cubic zirconia, your diamond should weigh considerably less.

  1. Price

If you’re seeking to authenticate your diamond, look no further than the price tag attached to the jewel. Because emulators are inexpensive to produce, a seller looking to make a quick profit might entice you with the appeal of an “extra-low cost.” A high-quality piece with higher levels of carats will likely cost you a pretty penny. If your deal seems like a steal, enter the purchase with caution and get your jewel checked by a professional first.

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